Low cost devices for corrugated, galvanized metal roof sheets

Low pitch, light roofs – usually made of corrugated, galvanized sheets are the most vulnerable to strong up lift forces of hurricanes and typhoons.


A principle from aeronautics could mitigate this risk:  When an Airbus touches down on the runway spoilers in the wings are immediately opened to eliminate the flying function and reduce speed. The same concept could be used to eliminate hurricane roof uplifts. The suction created on the leeward side of the roof is the same phenomenon as the force lifting an aircraft.

Design Concept


When the suction (vacuum) and uplift force exceeds an alarming level, the roof sheets automatically open to weaken it.

Ranges of roof sheets are spring-loaded and open at this critical up lift force to neutralize it. As these "safety valve" springs are pre-stressed they safeguard tight closure after the gusts have passed to avoid leaking rain water.<>

A prototype has been tested for 110 mph. (US norms for 50 year return, Port au Prince)

Soupape Manual Nov 2012.pdf